Token Economy – Book


The advent of cryptographic tokens as an application of Blockchain and derived technologies might be as revolutionary as the emergence of the WWW as an application of the Internet in 1991. The goal of this book is, therefore, to give a 360 degree view of the inner workings of the state of blockchain in the context of the Web3, discuss the socio-political implications, and explain why cryptographic tokens might prove to be the killer app of blockchain and smart contracts, deep diving into selected use cases. This book is written for anyone who is interested to understand the relevance of tokens in the context of blockchain technology smart contracts and cryptographic tokens.

Sneak Peak Into the Book

Graphics: Justyna Zubrycka, Production: Caroline Helbing

Selected chapters of this book will be published on Medium.
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Publication Dates

English Version, “Token Economy”, BlockchainHub, expected publication date March 2019
German Version, “Token Ökonomie”, O’Reilly, expected publication date, August 2019

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